While the world looks forward to feeding 10 billion people in 2050, New Agricultural Framework is needed to ensure world food supplies in a largely effective manner. Projecting past agricultural practices into the future offers a recipe for failure; in this respect, building robust Inter-Sectoral Partnerships, ensuring proper Management, promoting Operational Research alongside Scaling-up Innovations towards Industrial Applications, and increasing the efficiency of Natural Resources through adopting new practices and technologies for land, energy and water conservation is an urgent need to secure Sustainable Food Systems for many decades to come.

Patrick Cortbaoui Approach

About us             

PC Consulting is a growing professional services firm, that employs realistic strategies to help clients to establish effective plans by evaluating, designing, and implementing approaches for high quality results. We believe in integrating food system sustainability so that no one suffers from food inequalities, wherever they are positioned in the wide spectrum of rural and urban communities to areas affected by food conflict and natural calamities. Working with government stakeholders, private and public institutions’ inter-sectoral partnerships, we focus on food and nutrition security, food waste management, climate-change resilience, organizational training, socio-economic growth, local economies enhancement and technical advances for building a sustainable future. Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions for a world free of hunger.

Vision & Mission                                           

Our vision is to advance the alleviation of injustice and inequality and to support local communities in becoming food secure and free from hunger. Our mission is to include from small-holder farmers to consumers in the holistic enhancement of sustainable agri-food value chains; contributing to the mitigation of global food insecurity and addressing food related conflicts for stable and peaceful environments.


Partnerships – We foster partnerships among different stakeholders throughout the agri-food value chain towards a transparent and accountable operation for accomplishing sustainable goals.

Community-Centered – We encourage local ownership by including the input of community members, trusting that they know what they need, can identify their own food-related issues and are comfortable in proposing democratic decisions beneficial for all.

Empowerment – We support women, youth, small-scale farmers and local communities; delivering life-changing solutions that help them to become more self-reliant.

Justice – We believe in ethical pathways to harness actions based on impartiality, equal rights and equity.


PC Consulting’s unique combination of offerings focus on strengthening food value chains through the development of nutrition-sensitive agricultural solutions that consider gender equality, environmental sustainability, resource use efficiency, as well as land rights to save farm fields from becoming the subject of conflicts. With our long-term experience in managing strategic projects and providing advisory solutions for global food security challenges, we successfully build foundations for sustainability and stable livelihoods. We specialize in handling cross-sectoral approaches with an outreach management style bolstered by strong ethical standards.