Research for Development

Promote operational research to change the economic and social development of vulnerable communities in developed and developing settings. Provide applied innovations and viable technologies for end users to face today’s challenges in food insecurity. Empower agro-industries with innovative technologies to sustain their economic growth.

Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization

Foster inter-sectoral partnership among stakeholders to achieve organisational goals and objectives and to produce high quality outcomes towards sustainable and inclusive food systems for all. Operate effectively to mobilize available resources for expanding and institutionalizing successes.

Institutional Development

Identify opportunities for institutional development and achievements in the fight against hunger while feeding a growing population within climate change. Provide integrative and holistic approaches to increase visibility and outreach activities in policy making and policy dialogue on a global platform.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Give strategic and operational planning in project management, innovation development and knowledge transfer in all matters related to food security to a wide range of entities, including governmental and non-governmental agencies, academia and private sectors. 

Communication and Outreach Management

Foster effective network of partnerships across sectors through communication and outreach activities including but not limited to conferences, lecture series, seminars, workshops, e-learning courses and webinars. Develop knowledge transfer platforms which offer a unique opportunity for networking among peers and stakeholders fighting against the eradication of hunger.

Team Mentoring and Training

Build capacity and educate actors to develop the necessary skill sets on agricultural and entrepreneurial practices. Create synergies and build communities of experts in joining their forces to ultimately alleviate food insecurity and malnutrition. Develop intensive programmes for students and professionals with the aim to deepen their knowledge on specific themes related to food security and based on the organization’s needs.